A description of the necessity of school attendance

Yet, the Romanian education was essentially conceived to prepare the manpower which was necessary for the socialist industry, and by means of distinct forms to ensure staff for the communist party.

A description of the necessity of school attendance

But how do you ensure that your workforce will consistently report for duty? One good step is having a clear attendance policy. Communicating clearly about what are acceptable reasons to miss work, how these requests should be made, and what does not qualify as an excusable absence can prevent a lot of confusion and make employees more accountable.

This kind of policy may even boost employee morale by minimizing resentment on the part of some employees toward coworkers who suffer no consequences for being chronically absent. Here is a deeper look at what such a policy should cover. General tone An attendance policy should be strict enough to allow the employer to discipline those employees whose absences cause problems, yet flexible enough that the employer does not have to terminate good employees who are absent infrequently.

Multiple policies It is also acceptable to have different policies for different departments, as the needs for the staff to be present on a daily basis and shift lengths may differ.

Morale Rewarding employees for good attendance is good for employee morale and ultimately may improve overall attendance. Such a policy is a good defense to an unemployment compensation claim by an employee terminated for excessive absenteeism as it allows the employer to show that the employee violated the uniformly enforced policy and was discharged for doing so.

Again, to be effective, the policy must be reasonable, uniformly enforced, and in writing. Family and medical leave absences The Family and Medical Leave Act FMLA has made enforcing absentee policies more difficult for larger employers by prohibiting covered employers from disciplining or discharging an eligible employee for an absence caused by a protected reason, including a serious health condition of the employee or a member of his or her family.

The FMLA does impose certain requirements upon employees with respect to eligibility for leave — including notice to the employer and medical certification, and employers should be mindful of enforcing attendance policies in situations that involve FMLA leave.

Below is an example of an attendance policy that uses a point system for employee absences that you can customize to fit your needs. As with any group effort, it takes cooperation and commitment from everyone to operate effectively. Therefore, your attendance and punctuality are very important.

Absences cause a slow-down in the work and added burdens for your fellow employees. Good attendance is something that is expected from all employees. You should be at your work station by the start of each workday at the time designated by the department.

Excessive absenteeism or tardiness will not be tolerated and will be cause for disciplinary action up to and including discharge. We do realize, however, that there are times when absences and tardiness cannot be avoided.

This is why we have a no-fault system that allows you to accumulate some points before any disciplinary action will be taken against you. It is expected that everyone will accumulate some points under this system.

It is only when points become excessive, and warnings are issued, that an employee need be concerned about his or her attendance practices. Regardless of the reason for your absence, you are expected to properly notify your supervisor on duty at least one hour in advance of your scheduled work time.

Leaving a message does not qualify as notifying your supervisor. You must personally contact your supervisor. Lack of a telephone or absence from town is not an excuse for failing to notify your supervisor of absence or tardiness.

You should call every day that you are absent unless you are on an approved leave of absence. Unreported and unexcused absences of two consecutive work days will be considered a voluntary resignation of employment with the Company.

The absenteeism and tardiness records are kept on a point system basis. Depending upon the nature of the absence, a certain number of points are accumulated by an employee on his or her absence record.

A description of the necessity of school attendance

When an employee reaches various point totals, certain notice and disciplinary actions will be taken. An employee may receive a written notice, a written warning, a final written warning, or may be discharged depending upon the number of points he or she accumulates.

The point system is based upon the progressive past 12 calendar months. Any employee who accumulates 24 or more points in a 12 calendar month period under this system will be discharged.

If an employee accumulates only three points or less during any progressive 12 calendar month period, he or she will receive one day off with pay. Upon earning a day off with pay, the employee will begin a new month period for purposes of earning another day off under this program.

Absences from work will accumulate points in the following manner: If your absence is the result of personal emergency other than illness or injury, documentation supporting your absence may be required. Off work due to a work-related injury with medical verification that the employee is unable to work.

Off work due to jury duty, military leave, medical leave, FMLA leave, lack of work, subpoenas, or any other absence expressly authorized by the Company, the terms of Company policy, or the law. Off work due to an accident in which you are involved coming to work and which you can verify through police records or other satisfactory evidence.Acland Report () Consultative Committee Report Upon the School Attendance of Children Below the Age of Five.


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The Maryland State Department of Education, timberdesignmag.com, provides school-by-school information on demographics, assessments, and graduation rates. Click here to view the Maryland School Performance Reports. This site is updated annually as data becomes available.

Observational learning is learning that occurs through observing the behavior of others. It is a form of social learning which takes various forms, based on various processes.

In humans, this form of learning seems to not need reinforcement to occur, but instead, requires a social model such as a parent, sibling, friend, or teacher with surroundings.. . Reference: Legislative Assembly of Ontario Status of Legislation has a complete list.

Bill 52, Education Amendment Act (Learning to Age 18), Received Royal Assent Dec 20, “An Act to amend the Education Act respecting pupil learning to the age of 18 and equivalent learning” The preamble literally is full of hypocritical bunk about how these social engineers ”recognize” and.

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