A discussion of the civilization of small children

But I feel it could be written to be less goading. Particularly the bold-text banner and [1] in the footnotes. I have never see so much political content on a not political question.

A discussion of the civilization of small children

But there are many questions to be answered for a more complete and humane answers: How old are they? What's the variation in age? What environment are the dropped off at?

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Also, inbreeding stops being a problem if you have at least It'll take thousands upon thousands of years, but eventually civilization will be restored.

If you're wanting civilization to be created more quickly and across the planet, you'll need tens of thousands of people.

So I finally got some numbers. Assuming that you don't give a fuck about petty things like rights and ethics. You only need 40 people. Other than that if you're going to care about rights and ethics you need at least As people have mentioned, you'd need a Minimum viable population MVP for breeding and I believe the MVP for humans comes at a couple of thousand, combined with the technological know how, I'd suggest 10, people with PHD level qualifications, which would be enough for the MVP, knowledge and any loses due to possible disease and injury, which WILL happen more often without a modern tech base, would be enough to kick start civilization in anything close to it's modern extent.

The thing is that you don't need the two people to know everything about civilization. All they have to now is three things. How to deliver a baby. All the other technical things about civilization can come further down the road.What Is a Civilization, Anyway?

first as small projects and later, under state organization, as monumental projects. Teachers might want to do this with their students at the beginning of a discussion of civilization and then again after they have studied a few early ones.

A discussion of the civilization of small children

As big historians, we are seeking a list that delivers no. Mar 30,  · Pitcairn, in last days of , had a population of 1 adult man, 9 adult women, and a number of children, all under 10, descended from a total of 5 living and dead men IIRC.

That genetic diversity managed to survive, sustain the technology of farming and multiply to a . If the mainline Civilization games seem overwhelming, try to play Civilization: Revolution first.

A discussion of the civilization of small children

The best versions are on the Xbox and PlayStation 3, but there's a less visually pleasing version on the DS. Whether motivated by professional standards or by the standards of clear thinking, we need to begin our teaching about civilizations with some analysis and discussion of what they are.

This topic is highly controversial, thus interesting. “MY CHILDREN” By Zhu Ziqing Introduction Beginning around , Chinese intellectuals began to engage each other in serious discussion and debate on culture, history, philosophy, and related subjects — all with an eye to the bigger problem of China’s weakness and From Chinese Civilization: A Sourcebook, edited by Patricia Buckley.

Text Book Children should not just read about history, they should live it. In The Story of Civilization (35 lessons), the ancient stories that have sha5/5.

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