Accuplacer test prep essay help

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Accuplacer test prep essay help

Placement testing is needed to determine your level of readiness for college academic work. The placement test might indicate that additional classes are required to prepare you for college level math and English courses. Scroll to the bottom of this screen to see if you are eligible to waive the placement test.

Preparing for the Placement Test It is important to do your best on the placement test. Here are some tips and things to consider in preparing for placement testing: You are advised to study for the placement test just as you would for any other important exam.

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Testing should then be completed as soon as possible in order to avoid unnecessary delays in the registration process. Students who wait until the last minute to take the placement test often experience difficulty enrolling in the classes they need.

The multiple choice questions are untimed, and can be taken in sections, on multiple days, or all at once.

Breaks are permitted and a calculator is built into the test on questions where one is permitted. No hand-held calculators are allowed.

The placement test includes a — word essay that has a maximum time limit of 2 hours, though most will finish in less than 1 hour.

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To assist you in preparing for the exam, the following resources are available:Prepare for the Accuplacer Exam SLCC's Workshops, Practice Exams and Videos Accuplacer Preparation Workshop This free, minute workshop is offered throughout the year at Taylorsville Redwood, South City and Jordan campuses.

Practice Tests, Study Guides, and Flashcards for the ACCUPLACER test. *Note: If you are looking for practice on the newest version of the ACCUPLACER (“Next Generation ACCUPLACER”), you will find that right here, as well! See note below.* The ACCUPLACER test is a set of reading, math, and writing tests that help determine college-level course placement.

PLACEMENT TEST PREPARATION GUIDE ENGLISH Taking Your Placement Tests The ACCUPLACER® WritePlacer test will determine your English course placement at Cuyahoga Community College, Tri-C.

you might write a simple outline of your essay. Your outline will help you stay focused on your thesis, which is the point you are making. This is the Accuplacer exam for students whose first language is not English.

The ACCUPLACER web-based study app features practice tests in each test subject. It is accessible from most devices with internet access, and will help you become familiar with the content and format of the ACCUPLACER test questions.

Placement Test. Placement Assessment Helps You Succeed. Prepare for the Placement Assessment.

accuplacer test prep essay help

Visit the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC), in Room , Main Building (Clifton Campus) to get free help preparing for the Accuplacer assessment. Call () to make an appointment.

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