Across the barricades paper

There were about six, maybe eight people penned inside a crowd control barricade, holding up signs of some sort. They were surrounded by reporters. One of the participants held up a large red poster featuring a giant iPhone and a bold slogan: I caught a few snatches of the conversation.

Across the barricades paper

On September 30,over lawyers clashed with police outside the Pakistan Supreme Court in Islamabad over Across the barricades paper election commission accepting General Pervez Musharraf as a presidential poll candidate despite serious questions over his eligibility.

All Joy and No Fun

Right in the middle of it all, was Asma Jahangir. With blood from his face and head on her clothes, she stood up, screaming in anger and contempt — for Musharraf and what the police had done on his behalf. She battled for each cause, and as a lawyer, went far beyond turning up at processions and candle-light vigils.

On Sunday, the year-old died of a cardiac arrest in Lahore. We shall B announcing date of funeral soon. But foremost, she stood against the military usurping the role of main arbiter.

She was fearless in her criticism and spoke her mind freely. The martial law was held to be illegal.

Gallery 1961-1967 Later Years

For being an outspoken critic of the military, Asma had as many opponents in Pakistan as fans and supporters. He pulled up the ISI at every court hearing, and wanted the chiefs of the spy agency and Military Intelligence to present themselves in court or face contempt charges.

When I asked Asma then if Pakistan was witnessing a new kind of judicial activism, she said the true test of how far the court was willing to go would come if it pursued the case of the missing in Balochistan as vigorously.

But when the same lawyers applauded the assassination of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, and showered flower petals on his assassin when he was produced in court, she took them on for their regressive views.

Months earlier, in Novembershe had won a bitterly contested election to become the first woman president of the Supreme Court Bar Association.

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Asma was one of the founding members of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, whose detailed reports documented atrocities across the country. She had many friends in this country.

In collaboration with journalist Kuldip Nayar, she led a candle-lighting ceremony at the Wagah border every August But those Indians who often pounced on her remarks to validate their own views on Pakistan were left confused and disappointed when she came out equally hard against India for alleged human rights excesses, especially in Kashmir.

Their hotel rooms were raided by Delhi Police, prompting then prime minister Manmohan Singh to personally apologise to them. Pakistan and India need more people like her.Try Our Friends At: The Essay Store.

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Asma Jahangir, Pakistan rights icon and feisty fighter at the barricades, dies Asma fought Zia’s military dictatorship, her lawyer’s office in Lahore becoming a shelter of sorts for those persecuted by the regime. The Tree Fallen Across the Road. Poem Overcoming obstacles is the theme of Robert Frost’s poem The Tree Fallen Across the Road.

In the poem a tree literally falls across the road, creates a barrier and brings the journey to a halt.

Across the barricades paper

The tree is used as the obstacle – something to be overcome by purpose of spirit and ingenuity. Across the Barricades is a novel full of prejudice and different opinions on certain things in life Therefor the characters that Lingard presents have a lot of different personality traits.

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Across the barricades paper
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