Apple assignment

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Apple assignment

The company also builds its own software which provide users with unique and user friendly interface such as Mac OS, iTunes, Face time, etc. In terms of revenue, Apple is the second largest information technology company after Samsung.

The company operates in around 14 countries with more than retail stores at present Dunne, The report analyses the current business strategy of Apple and suggest new strategy and the resources and timeline require to implement it. TASK 1 Explain strategic contexts and terminology — missions, visions, objectives, goals, core competencies Mission — A Apple assignment statement states the purpose of the organization.

It tells the people the main reason for the existence of the company. Vision — A vision statement states the future aspirations of the company.

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Vision is something which drives the company to achieve its goals. A vision may be hypothetical in nature and may not have a realistic base but it should motivate the employees to work towards it.

Objectives — Objectives of a company are long term for example 5 to 10 years of goals tangible or non-tangible, which the company would like to achieve. Goals- Goals are tangible objectives which are set up for short period may be half year or annual goals based on which the performance of the company and individual is measured.

An organization evaluates the performance based on the goals that were set for the employees, teams and organization in the previous cycle or year. Core competencies — Core competencies are values which an organization set up which differentiate it from its other competitors doing the same business.

Business strategy can be defined as the long term business planning done by an organization in order to meet its objectives.

Strategies can be competitive in nature which organization make in order to hold competitive advantage over its competitors or it can be in relation to CSR activities to strengthen relation with stakeholders in order to increase reputation and brand value so as to achieve long term sustainability.

Place an order 1. Strategic planning refers to the planning which an organization makes to formulate and implement new plans which will drive their business further. Strategic planning can be profitable or non-profitable in nature.

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Non-profitable planning refers to the various Corporate Social Responsibilities the organization participates into so as to make its stakeholder happy. This is done so as to maintain good relation with its stakeholders for long term sustainability.

Some of the key issues with Apple strategic planning are: The business environment keeps on changing and hence it becomes difficult to plan a particular strategy.

It is always better to be flexible in approach and adapt to the situation and review and revise the planning from time to time in order to meet the objectives set before the start of business strategy.

The economy is the most dynamic aspect which keeps on changing from time to time.

Apple assignment

The events like economic crisis and recession are something which cannot be predicted. Thus, business planning gets adversely affected because of these situations as most of the companies are not prepared for it.

The companies like Apple which is working in the field of technology faces serious issues because of the highly dynamic nature of technology especially in recent years.

A new technology becomes obsolete in few years, sometimes in few months; hence a long term planning makes no sense in such a competitive and changing environment. It is always better to make short goals and be innovative in nature to cope up with this dynamic nature of technological changes.

Being a global player, companies faces tough challenges because of the laws and legal factors which are different in different countries. The profit margin of the company can be affected because of legal formalities which binds the company while operating in different countries.

Hence, political factors play a big role in hindering business planning. A company strategy is based on the action the company will take considering the fact that other things remain constant.

It is always better to plan a strategy keeping in mind the behavior of competitors in the market and revise the strategy from time to time. Stars are those business units which shows high growth rate and also has high market share value attach to it.

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