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Economics tutoring

Register here Welcome to CLB Welcome to Centre for Law and Business established in with the overall mission of engendering a better educated society, especially with regard to the role of law in society, business and management and the enhancement of human capital.

In furtherance of its mission CLB offers opportunities for and access to world class qualifications such as degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels of University of London and other UK Universities …read more.

About CLB Centre for Law and Business, in pursuance of its mission, aims at achieving excellence in law in all its ramifications that is, in the learning, teaching, studying, practicing, legislating, appreciation and implementation of law and law related issues, as well as in business, management, leadership and good governance.

CLB offers various intellectual products and services including learning, teaching and tutorial support in 2 broad categories: For more than years, the University of London International Programmes has been offering degree programmes to students worldwide. Today, there are over 54, students studying in over countries, bringing the University of London home through distance and flexible learning.

As a family of world-class institutions, the University has a reputation for academic distinction in teaching and research, both in the UK …read more.Expand your tutoring career to the whole online world and increase your earnings.

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Economics tutoring

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Economics tutoring

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