Employee engagement in the oil

History of the petroleum industry in Canada oil sands and heavy oil The Athabasca oil sands are named after the Athabasca River which cuts through the heart of the deposit, and traces of the heavy oil are readily observed on the river banks. Historicallythe bitumen was used by the indigenous Cree and Dene Aboriginal peoples to waterproof their canoes. Early history[ edit ] Athabasca oil sands on the banks of the river, around The Athabasca oil sands first came to the attention of European fur traders in when Wa-pa-su, a Cree trader, brought a sample of bituminous sands to the Hudson's Bay Company post at York Factory on Hudson Bay where Henry Kelsey was the manager.

Employee engagement in the oil

After the economic crisis, engagement levels lagged but economic indicators show increasing improvement between and around the globe. Engagement Drivers Sijts and Crim define engagement drivers as factors that increase employee engagement in organisation through effective management of engagement levels.

These drivers identify potential improvement areas in the organisation pertaining to employee engagement. These drivers are interrelated thus work in unison.

It therefore involves creation ofa conducive physical environment through availing the required resources necessary for work execution such as proper safety clothing and equipment thus enhancing productivity and engagement.

Integration of interactive human resource policies enhances employee involvement in decision making, which in turns motivates them thus enhancing employee engagement Aon Hewitt, Extensive brand alignment through increased marketing and advertising will enhance engagement, as employees will view the organisation as a long-term venture as it has demonstrated continuity of operations Payne, Increasing and developed organisational reputation will enhance engagement, as employees will be more at ease to work in a reputable organisation thus demonstrating its continuity and job security.

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According to Hynescreation of an effective communication system and structure will ensure that any important information pertaining to employees work activities or welfare are timely relayed thus enhancing growth and development of work interrelationships which enhance efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

Total Rewards Organisations should clearly outline its reward structure, as this will contribute to the engagement or disengagement of employees. The oil and gas sector should also clearly stipulate systems used to determine recognition payments regarding bonus allocation. Opportunities To effectively enhance employee engagement, organisations in the oil and gas sector should clearly outline career opportunities available to employees who want to further advance their careers within the organisation regarding promotions and transfers that contribute to career development.

Such opportunities could include sponsorships, study leave and provision of work-study allowances. Organisations should therefore enhance creation of a proper work structure and culture that will enhance effective cooperation and communication among management, employees and customers Aon Hewitt, This will in turn enhance development of interrelationships, leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness through increased employee engagement.

This will, therefore, lead to increased employee engagement. Ways to Engage Employees Employee engagement is essential to organisations in the oil and gas sector as it enhances efficiency and effectiveness through increased production.

Incorporation of various aspects has been identified as potential ways to increase employee engagement.

These aspects include;Enhancement of employee career opportunities by creating career path for employees through training them in preparation for their next career role by creation of lateral growth opportunities Aon Hewitt, Increasing employee recognition through providing them with feedback regarding their work activities and how to improve on them by providing the necessary reinforcements and rewarding them for work well done Cook, Creation of an engaging communication structure through enhancement of corporate communicationwhich will appeal to employees emotional, behavioural, psychological and social aspects enhancescommitment to the organisation Hynes, Increased management of employee performance as employees will be effectively rewarded for their efforts thus enhancing employee engagement.

Provision of favourable pay as it will enhance employee engagement through provision of a pay and benefits package that is relative to their work performance Zablah et al. Communication of vision, mission, objectives, rewards, work experience, and favourable pay.

Advantages of having Engaged Employees Employee engagement directly relates and affects employee efficiency and effectiveness in relation to performance. Several advantages are extended to organisations in the oil and gas sector, which have employees who are actively engaged in the organisation and its production activities: Employees exhibit high levels of performance as they are highly motivated leading to increased production that enhances efficiency and effectiveness.

Development of an interrelating link between employee engagement and profits realised thus leading to increased revenues that enhance organisational growth. Leads to increased employee retention and loyalty, which enhances business success through efficient and effective production.

It enhances creation of a competitive environment which increases production thus enhancing effectiveness and increasing profits.

This also enhances team-work that provides new ideas that enhance innovation and creativity thus enhancing creation of new and effective products. Conclusion Employee engagement is a pertinent aspect in management of employees in the oil and gas industry.

It has led to the identification of engagement drivers which enhance understanding of the drivers that contribute to increased employee engagement and how they can be incorporated.

Engagement drivers include;Quality of work life which incorporates physical work environment and work-life balance.This paper is part of a study of employee engagement and its relationship with seafarer safety, performance and retention.

Boeing: Global Engagement Summary

This section focuses on the impact of seafarer turnover, identifies and understands drivers of retention and their relevance in shipping, and explores the relationship of engagement with retention. International Journal of Business and Social Science Vol.

Employee engagement in the oil

7, No. 10; October Contract Staffing and Employee Engagement in the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria. The first survey of Australia's oil and gas employees reveals a lot about worker engagement in this rapidly growing industry. Abstract Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee shows for the organization and its goals (Kruse ).

It can also be defined as the act of an employee being involved in, enthusiastic about and satisfied with his or her work (Seijts et . Virgin Pulse. Part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, Virgin Pulse is the leading provider of technology solutions that promote employee engagement and timberdesignmag.com Pulse helps employers create workforces that are happier, healthier and ultimately more productive.

The Significance of Employee Engagement in Healthcare Abstract The following research paper describes in detail the relevance of employee engagement to a healthcare provider. Engagement of employees is often an overlooked area of focus as hospitals look for ways to improve processes and reduce operating expenses.

Employee engagement in the oil
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