Epson luster paper

Legacy Textured is comprised of a mould-made paper base that lays cotton fibers down randomly to virtually eliminate curl, and a heavily textured surface that simulates old-world handcrafted watercolor papers. The GSM textured paper is free of OBAs optical brightening agentsdelivers a high Dmax for deep blacks, an expanded color gamut volume, and accepts a high ink load.

Epson luster paper

Indeed, this discussion can be as contentious as it is competitive, such as what happened six years ago when Epson properly threw down the gauntlet to Kodak, whose in-house test methodology and claims for their papers were subject to dispute.

Perhaps the most widely recognized source of reliable testing is by an independent lab, Wilhelm Research wilhelm-research.

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The new Epson Legacy Paper line specifically addresses this mix in the overall longevity scheme. The HDX inks are for large format printers, the HD for desktop models, but they are essentially the same.

Fibre, Etching, Platine, and Baryta. Before we get to the test, here are some specs. While there are no hard and fast rules, image type and mood often dictate paper surface choices.

For me, this duotone image from Yosemite was a perfect match for the Legacy Etching paper. However, to ensure the paper and printer perform to optimum standards, Epson does recommend utilizing the manual front feeder to load fine art papers such as the new Epson Legacy Papers.

I always feel that image and surface type go hand in hand, and you will be guided by your best instincts in this regard. First, the matte surfaces: Fibre is described as semi-smooth satin and Etching as textured matte.

Inkpress Pro Baryta Warm Tone guarantees optimum picture stability and excellent archivability. Advantages. Subtle grey tonality; High contrast with deep, rich blacks glossy paper. Epson Luster Epson Glossy paper. Canon i/ semi gloss Canon other photo paper. Epson Glossy paper Canon iPF Glossy paper. This 16" x ' roll of Ultra Premium Luster Archival Photo Inkjet Paper from Epson is a resin-coated medium with a gsm and a 10 mil thickness which provide a durable photo feel. This instant drying paper produces vivid, lifelike images similar to traditional silver halide prints. Epson Premium Luster is my go to paper for standard color prints. It's a good solid paper with a nice weight that handles well. The texture is smooth but not glossy. I buy the paper in a foot roll with a 16 inch width. I also use a box of this paper in x 11 inch size for proof timberdesignmag.comcturer: Epson.

Both are composed of percent cotton fiber and are acid and lignin free with pH buffering. Personally, I would choose the Etching for fairly low-contrast images where a deeper mood and color ink absorbency is key, and Fibre when richer color, which the HD UltraChrome inks certainly deliver, and smooth, textured highlights are important.

Both are admirable matte surface papers. When angled in the light, both display a slight stipple characteristic of satin finish papers.

Epson luster paper

In truth, both are very impressive papers, and I suggest getting a sample pack and judging for yourself. These are pigment-based inks, and there are four K, or black, cartridges: The other inks fall into the CMYK scheme with two magentas and cyans—light and vivid—and one yellow.

Given their resistance to the deleterious effects of high humidity, plus their enhanced Dmax, reduced metamerism color trueness and neutral grayscale tonesand overall stability, these inks are key to print longevity. They can be used with any paper of course, but with the Legacy Papers, according to Wilhelm Research, make for the impressive permanence numbers.

This photo of Ile Saint-Louis made from the left bank illustrates my choice for printing on the Baryta surface. The print made with the Epson supplied beta software displayed excellent gradation from the highlight on the building to the barge in the shadows as it plied the Seine.

Sharpness was very impressive. The brilliant rich color and textural white of this autumn scene was complemented perfectly by the use of the Platine paper. Reds popped, yellows sizzled, and even the deep blue shadows came through with full integrity.This 16" x ' roll of Premium Luster Photo Inkjet Paper from Epson is a resin-coated medium with a gsm and a 10 mil thickness which provide a durable photo feel.

This instant drying paper produces vivid, lifelike images similar to traditional silver halide prints/5(87). Product Description Epson's Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster is a high gamut ink jet paper.

EPSON PREMIUM LUSTER PHOTO Epson Inkjet Photo Paper. Epson C13S Premium Luster Photo Paper Inkjet g/M² mm x m 1 Roll Pack.

by Epson. £ Prime.

Premium Luster Photo Paper, 24" x 30,5 m, g/m² - Epson

Eligible for FREE UK Delivery. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. out of 5 stars Epson has recently issued their updated special pricing for S “Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper – C – 17″” x 22″” – Luster – 1 Each” for Federal Agency customers.

Color management is a critical aspect of fine art printing on inkjet canvas and fine art paper using icc profiles and color management software for creating epson icc profiles, otherwise known as epson printer profiles or epson paper profiles.

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Our icc profiles free to download for printmakers located anywhere in the world. We also provide free custom icc profiling to printmakers if the icc.

Aug 21,  · InkJetArt's MC Luster is virtually identical to the version of Epson Luster and has long been my standard paper. You might want to give it a try. You might want to give it a try.

(It also comes in a more useful 17" roll width, vs. Epson's goofy 16" width.).

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