Essay assignments romeo juliet

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Essay assignments romeo juliet

Hire Writer The film begins with a modernised and captivating version of the prologue, a key aspect of the plot and a vital narrative convention.

The prologue summarises what will happen during the film, which is effectively the plot. The prologue leaks information about what will eventually happen in the play; however, it does not include how the outcome is reached.

It is imperative that the audience understands the prologue as if it is not understood, the audience may be confused. This confusion would result in them not being emotionally engaged with the play.

In order for the audience to be immediately engaged with the film, our interest must be aroused from the commencement of the movie. This is why the prologue is masked as a news broadcast on television. The prologue is very fast-paced, keeping the spectator intrigued.

These include audio through dialogue, visual by written text, visual by images such as newspapers and photos and the use of captions and written text. We also see a number of different camera angles throughout the prologue as well as close up camera shots and extreme close up shots.

One example is the use of visual by written text and visual by images, more specifically the newspaper articles that assist in telling the prologue. Each of these newspaper headlines appears simultaneously with the narration and each has photos of feuds between the two families in the past.

The use of visuals is very important in the prologue as that is what modern audiences are accustomed to and can relate to. The narrator also speaks very slowly and clearly in order to once again ensure that the audience understands and so they can think about and process what he is saying.

Luhrmann had the very hard task of ensuring that the audience understood the overall essence of the film that is portrayed in the prologue. If the message was only expressed once, the modern audience may not understand the messages of the prologue as a whole, as well as the old English language that is used throughout the film.

All in all, the prologue sets the scene of the play by illustrating the violence occurring between the two wealthy families, the Montagues and the Capulets. In order to give the characters a sense of credibility, the narrative convention of characterisation was used.

There are a number of film conventions that are used in order to help characterise the characters. One way that Lurhmann modernised the play was by changing the servants in the first scene to gang members which suits the modern audience better. This is also more entertaining for the viewers and engages them.

Along with this freeze frame is the film convention of written text that identifies the character. These freeze frames are vital as they help us to identify the characters, which is especially important in a fast-paced action scene.

Essay assignments romeo juliet

Once we know who is who, we then start to see the different themes that each character embodies. Their dialogue and actions help us to identify themes as we see what type of character they are.

For example, from Tybalts introduction, we can already tell that he is an aggressive character and that he is the opposite of Benvolio, a kind character who does not want to fight.

As I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee. From this we can immediately see that Tybalt is an aggressive character and we can foreshadow that he will do something bad to the Montagues in the future.

Another dramatic technique which further contributes to characterisation is the use of props. For example, the actors, instead of carrying swords with them, hide guns in their shirts and wield them expertly.

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This way, when a character asked for his weapon, he is not being anachronistic. Instead of being set in Verona, Italy with events take place in a crowded seaside metropolis area called Verona Beach.

Verona Beach is a modern-day city, with cars, high-rise buildings, gas stations, and hot dogs stands, none of which were even conceived during the time that Romeo and Juliet was written or performed. The reason for this is that the modern audience can relate this modern setting. There are a variety of camera shots of the different settings within Act 1, Scene 1.

For example, there are long shots of the whole city with the two main buildings belonging to each of the families. There is also the use of panning in order to show as much as the setting as possible. For a modern viewer, a gas station is a more believable location for a fight.

Many gang wars, in both theatre and real life, take place in this sort of setting.

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This location helps to describe the extreme situation of the fighting families. The costume of each of the gangs is another film convention that helps the viewer to feel and understand the setting more. It also helps with characterisation as it becomes easier to differentiate between the two gangs.

These are some drastic changes from traditional Elizabethan clothing of the time that have been changed to appeal to modern audiences. There is also the clothing of the general public that assists with the setting.

People around Verona Beach are generally wearing casual or smart clothes that you would expect to see in a modern city environment today.Romeo and juliet assignments dicaprio balcony scene.

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- The Deaths of Romeo and Juliet “Romeo and Juliet” is a love story between to people that ends out as a tragedy. It is written by William Shakespeare. The causes of the . This will give them a taste of the atmosphere surrounding this scene. This would also lead into the significant happenings in this scene, which are Romeo and Juliet dying, and the love and hatred, which ended their lives causing the tragic climax of the play.

Romeo and Juliet’s fates were linked from the beginning. In the Prologue it states “A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life”.

This sentence expresses that from the start that the fate of Romeo and Juliet was written in the stars, and they were cursed to death. p, bourdieu & passeron essay romeo juliet love. Approved family members who have knowledge of explaining, putting things across, pedagogy, breaking down into manageable units either by reading a comic book instead of assessing students work.

Romeo and juliet assignments dicaprio balcony scene

Shell begin to use it. Teaching Shakespeare becomes easier when students are engaged in learning. This writing activity for Romeo and Juliet requires updating a scene from Romeo and.

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