Film studies evaluation coursework

Evaluation Teacher's Evaluation on Preliminary Today we handed in our film after completion to show both our media teachers so they could evaluate what we have done well, and what we needed to improve on.

Film studies evaluation coursework

I chose to do the opening scenes to the movie, as I thought this would give the reader a taster to how the film would play out if further developed, and can really leave the screenplay open for exploration to the reader. My storyline was inspired by the film Film studies evaluation coursework De Jour, as I was interested in showing a glamorous side to an industry which is usually perceived as seedy and trashy.

One part I was interested in was carrying a French theme throughout the film despite it being set in New York, as I am particularly interested by the French New Wave, and wanted my work to have some form of influence from this era, and from films such as Breathless.

The relationship between Michel and Patricia in Breathless was particularly inspiring, as it had a dark meaning behind it, and that was the kind of image I was considering when creating the character of Max, as I wanted him to be a mysterious, shady type of person. I loved the idea that Renee would have Film studies evaluation coursework attributes to Patricia, in that she would be a very aspiring and ambitious woman, yet easily seduced.

Viola is a much more classy version of Renee, an elegant and sexy woman.

Film studies evaluation coursework

I was inspired by Severine as I feel Belle De Jour is a much more reserved film, more classy in its interpretation of women, and ultimately as escorts.

My audience may see the similarities in the portrayal of these characters and would be able to appreciate the subtle hints and possible intertextual references involved in the narrative and characterisations employed. I think one factor I feel could have been developed on is the fluidity of my screenplay.

I think that because of this however my script suffered in its fluency. I could have rectified this by perhaps adding more, short scenes rather than such lengthy ones like I did.

This would have made my screenplay a lot more fluid, rather than written in blocks, which is how I perceived it.

It would also have greater resembled a New Wave format in the way it progressed at pace. Nevertheless, as New Wave films are generally heavily spontaneously composed, when directed and edited these elements could be further enhanced.

I was happy with how I chose to focus on mise-en-scene throughout my text, as I think this really broadened my script. By focusing on the description and exploration of the mise-en-scene, I think that it helped give a deeper feel to the text, and contributed towards my text really being as detailed and intricate as I believe it is.

My intention for this script was to insert dialogue at the right moments, and I think this was important as a script without dialogue would have been unrealistic, and would have become more of an essay than a screenplay.

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I think that I used an appropriate amount of dialogue in my script, as it is enough to understand what is happening in my text, yet not so much that it becomes too much.

The dialogue that is used is mostly between Max and Renee. I thought this was really important to ensure a connection is made between the pair right from the beginning of my film. This is also important as I did write this as if it would be a very long film, and it is important that the viewer would grasp the relationship and the chemistry between Max and Renee right from the very beginning.

I think this has been achieved successfully as the scene and the language used function to set up their characters extremely well. My mise-en-scene is used in the correct places to not only help describe the places in which the film would be set, but also helps create a persona for Renee, and really helps to symbolise what her character represents.

I think that it contributed to presenting the character in such a feminine way, and by describing things such as the clutter of her house in so much detail, I think this helped to show how I envisaged the character of Renee to be, and how catastrophic and energetic her life could be.

Overall I feel I succeeded in creating a detailed yet fluid screenplay. Despite there being a few things I could have perhaps improved on, overall I am happy with how my screenplay has turned out.

Use it as a guide to the way your own script should be submitted. Does this make Haneke an auteur? Image of Michael Haneke Item 16 Speaker: Michael Haneke is an Austrian filmmaker, and has made many films in the languages of English, German and French. Anyone watching Haneke films will recognize a similarity in his dark, disturbing style and his strong use of dysfunctional families as well as his tendency to shock and confuse the audience with ambiguous narrative.

I believe that these things, which I will explain in more detail later, make Haneke an auteur. Trailer of Funny Games — 2m 17s Item 19 Speaker: Haneke remade Funny Games to make it identical to the original with the same recurring themes and interior meaning. Clip of scene where Georgie dies and Paul is looking in the fridge at 1h 1m 10s — 1m Item 2 Speaker: The audience would have knowledge and experience of surrealist themes and the particular cinematic techniques I intend to utilise.

I was also heavily influenced by more mainstream directors such as Nick Park; the director of Wallace and Gromit Aardman animations.

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These films inspired me due to the shared recurring themes of fantasy, myth and consumption. This was due to the same ongoing themes throughout, such as the location, which is set in a fantasy world, and has themes of consumption and myths too.

It also has religious connotations in it due to its on going scenes with the Devil in it, which can relate to part of the Minotaur sequence in my production film, as the location is set in the underworld Hell.

When planning out my film, I decided to make animated mythical creatures out of plasticine, I did this because I wanted to create unique characters, such as Morph. I created models of mermaids, a unicorn, a Minotaur and a Cyclops because these creatures are taken from myths and legends and are regular features of fantasy films.

In the unicorn world I decided to integrate moral and philosophical meaning into it, because God and religion can also be seen as a myth to people, because religion is like a story passed down to generations, just like a myth; The binary oppositions of the unicorn world, which is set in heaven and the clouds, to the mermaid world, which can be seen as the centre Earthand then the Minotaur world which is seen as underworld Hellshows the desire for temptation.In scene three I focussed upon the mise en-scene.

The main purpose of this scene was to represent the historical and social context of the film . Related Documents Below are all the available documents related to Film Studies GCE AS/ view PDFs on this page you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

AS Film Studies Reflective Analysis Guidance booklet but give reasons For our AS Film production coursework, my group decided to create a sequence from a thriller film. We intended the film to be targeted at young adults, around years old.

Film studies evaluation coursework

GCSE Film Studies: Evaluation examples Belinda Raji. How to write a reflective essay. GCSE Film Studies: Evaluation examples 1. Evaluative Analysis You need a pitch to sell your film to the potential producer, My log line tells you a bit about the film and a quick preview of what the film would be like and sort of genre.

Evaluation. This is our evaluation; the conclusion of our coursework. We answered seven questions regarding our work. Question 1: as the genre meant that it would be welcomed all over the world as the ‘thriller genre’ is one of the biggest film genres. Film Studies Evaluation Coursework Film studies evaluation coursework W st Street zip good persuasive articles common application essay directions paper writing state of new jersey.

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