I want to become a cricketer when i grow up

What would you like to become? All these people help out people like you and me. In their own fields, they serve the world in wonderful way.

I want to become a cricketer when i grow up

The timing was good as her husband of eight years, Chris, the former England Test cricketer and father of current England all-rounder Stuart, was away refereeing cricket matches in Pakistan.

Little did Miche - short for Michelle - imagine that when she landed in Adelaide, a couple of weeks into the trip, her life would change irrevocably. Then, when I went on to Perth for the golf tournament, I started getting painful cramps in my hands and arms and a strange tingling in my fingers.

The exact cause is a mystery. So far, there have not been any comparative studies in the UK. Clearly, exercise is normally good for you in terms of the health of the heart and lungs, and most active people do not damage their motor neurones.

Some evidence has also shown that an excess of glutamate - a naturally produced, potentially toxic amino acid that destroys nerve cells by over exciting them - may also be a cause.

But they may be too late for Miche Broad.

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Like father like son: Heavily armed militants fired at the official Sri Lankan team bus, killing and injuring team members and officials. Chris dived on top of a local umpire to save his life and was hailed as a hero. Miche saw Professor Shaw in May. By far the worst was electromyography, which involved putting needles into my hands and arms and passing an electric shock through them.

I decided I had cancer of the oesophagus, but instead the diagnosis was MND. I immediately did look it up. It was a terrible shock and I thought, "Oh no.

I am not going to get better. Miche has progressive bulbar palsy, where the muscles first affected are those used for talking, chewing and swallowing. Her life expectancy is not good. According to the Motor Neurone Disease Association, 50 per cent of sufferers die within 14 months of diagnosis and the remainder within five years.

The future is terrifying for Miche, particularly as the disease does not affect the brain and she will remain acutely aware of what is happening to her body.

At some point, she will no longer be able to speak or swallow. Death is usually due to respiratory failure. At present, she finds it frustrating that her increased slurring of words affects how others see her.

I know my life has been curtailed, but I am a very positive person and my attitude is that as there is nothing I can do about it I am going to try to live each day as it comes. Fortunately, I can still take our border collie for walks.

I want to become a cricketer when i grow up

She is a very intelligent dog and has become much more affectionate over the past six months. They were both divorced when they met at a golf tournament in and have been together ever since. Seeing Miche and Chris together, each so obviously deeply caring about how the other is coping, is moving.

Chris has cut back on his trips overseas to referee matches for the next few months so he can look after his wife, but aims to be working again in the summer. I now weigh eight stone. She currently takes medication to help slow the progression of the disease, plus a variety of vitamins.

In addition, she has acupuncture regularly to boost her energy levels and osteopathy to drain her sinuses to help with the common and embarrassing excess mucus and saliva. She also goes to a speech therapist for exercises to help counteract the muscle loss round her mouth.

Professor Shaw said I have been so busy, I have worn out my body ahead of time. Unfortunately it is illegal.Experts say scorpion venom is more harmful than any drug— addicts start living in a constant state of delusion.

When I “grow up” I want to exist happily. Although it sounds simple, I can imagine it probably won’t be as easy to carry out. There will be highs and, there will be lows. I plan to take on the lows with a smile as my sword, and with the knowledge that I will make it out alive.

Maybe I will become a writer, or maybe I won’t.

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