Morality freedom and public opinion essay

Morality Morality Defined Morality speaks of a system of behavior in regards to standards of right or wrong behavior.

Morality freedom and public opinion essay

Meaning of Public Opinion: In simple terms public opinion means opinions held by the people at a certain time on a certain issue. In a narrow sense it may mean a noncontiguous and transitory mass of individuals with a common or general interest.

Here, the public may not be held together by face to face or shoulder to shoulder contact. A number of people may scatter in different places, react to a common stimulus provided by indirect and mechanistic means of communication like newspapers, magazines, radios, TVs, motion pictures, posters and pamphlets etc.

The public in this connection refers to a group of people who are confronted with an issue, divided in their ideas, engage in a discussion over the issue and reach at a decision. According to Kupuswamy, the term public signifies the general body of persons belonging to a particular community whether it is a small group or a national group or people of the world as a whole.

The term public, therefore, implies a noncontiguous but psychological group where there is no face to face or shoulder to shoulder contact. Though the people react to a common stimulus, they are scattered spatially may be all over the world.

Public opinion on woman liberation, gender prejudice, role of women in politics and decision-making, public opinion on economic reforms, winning of political parties in ensuing elections are some of the brilliant examples of how public opinion may scatter throughout the world and may spread without any direct personal and face to face, shoulder to shoulder contact.

But the reaction is made to a particular common issue. Means of communication play paramount role in the building up and spread of public opinion. In public opinion, there is agreement on certain views and disagreement on others. Group feeling or we feeling helps in the formation and stability of a public opinion which is based on a general issue.

In order to be effective, a public opinion must concern the community as a whole, the problem of public opinion would be a problem for most of the members of the community or society. Otherwise it will not spread and sustain. A community where poverty is not the issue or problem and everyone is much above the poverty line, any issue on poverty will not touch their mind as they are quite well settled economically.

But in a conservative society where women are not allowed to go out and work, where there is lot of objection against providing minimum liberty to women like the liberty to get education, to strive for economic independence, and of course the liberty not to tolerate injustice and oppression, in such a male dominated, male chauhanistic society, the real problem of women is to get freedom of speech and action and right to work.

At this juncture, any effort to spread public opinion on women liberation will be fruitful among women and such public opinion will spread as it relates to their immediate problem.

Definition of Public Opinion: According to Kimball Young public opinion consists of opinions held by a public at a certain time. Cooley holds that public opinion should be regarded as an organised process and not merely as a state of agreement about some questions of the day.

Public opinion is not disorganized like a crowd behaviour. Rather it is organized like a group behaviour. Akolkar remarks that public opinion refers to that mass of ideas which people have or express on a given issue.

According to Kupuswamy, public opinion consists of opinions held by people of a smaller or a larger community about a particular problem at a certain time. Individual opinions are, thus, assimilated in public opinion concerning various problems along with ideas, notions and judgements.

Morality freedom and public opinion essay

In public opinion, everybody should not have identical view, but the majority must reach a consensus to call it a public opinion.

Thus, public opinion represents the views of the majority and powerful group. Characteristics of Public Opinion: It is organised like a group, can continue for a certain period.In my opinion morality and worldview has more of an influence on public policy than religion does.

A worldview is a network of related presuppositions in terms of which every aspect of man’s knowledge and experience is interpreted and . Feb 12,  · In this essay I am going to be looking at all the different view points on why some people may think religion and morality are linked.

I will talk about a few things that link them such as conscience, divine command ethics, Kant 's view and Aquinas ' view. An Essay about Law, Freedom, and Morality.

Morality freedom and public opinion essay

Some Chosen and Revised Considerations on Aspects of Enforcement of Morality by the Law. 17 Pages. An Essay about Law, Freedom, and Morality.

Essay on Public Opinion

For example, I mean abortion law. What would an argument from democracy or argument from the majority of public opinion say to us? If the law . Jun 26,  · The right warned about too much “rights talk” and sought to protect the ability of religious conservatives to make religiously .

- Morality Through out the evolutionary process of rules and regulations that we abide by, we come to a discrete conclusion that religion and its "morality" have complete power over our beings.

Morality is the quality of being in accord . Examine the views of scholars concerning the idea that religion and morality are linked. In this essay I am going to be looking at all the different view points on why .

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