Parallel motivations in the iliad and the odyssey essay

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Parallel motivations in the iliad and the odyssey essay

Comparison of Aeneas and Odysseus: English Comparison of Aeneas and Odysseus: Some have even gone so far as to claim it is the greatest empire in the history of mankind.

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The Romans were unbelievably patriotic, and proud of their vast empire. This inevitably led them to compare themselves to those that had come before. As a writer in this time, Virgil was not immune to Roman patriotism.

In his Aeneid, Virgil highlights the comparison between the Romans and their cultural predecessors, the Greeks. He draws literary parallels to Homer to emphasize his point.

The characters of Aeneas and Odysseus are microcosms of their respective cultures. Through a comparison of the hero Aeneas to the hero Odysseus, Virgil shows that the Romans are the superior culture. However, throughout their journeys the actions of the two heroes are vastly different.

Aeneas embodies the Roman value of duty. He is given a task by the Gods, told directly by Mercury: Odysseus, on the other hand, is not driven by any sense of duty.

He leaves Troy to return home to Ithaca, yet does not reach his destination for 10 years. Even when he does arrive, he does so without any of his original crew.

Odysseus is driven purely by self-interest, and often abandons those he is indebted to and responsible for. He strays multiple times from his path: Odysseus only returns to Ithaca and his wife at the order of the Gods, when he has had his fill of bliss with Calypso.

Virgil takes these two concepts and combines them in the Aeneid, which is a journey followed by a war. Aeneas fights for the future, to create an empire for his son and to continue the legacy of Troy.

AAeneas fights for a purpose greater than himself. AAeneas knows that his battles are meant to benefit others, and he accepts this and fights harder for it. Unlike Aeneas, Odysseus fights for himself, to satisfy his own self-interest.

Throughout his journey Odysseus purposefully involves himself in conflict in order to achieve glory for himself. On the island of the Cyclops, Odysseus could have avoided conflict with Polyphemos, and the eventual vengeance of Poseidon, had he not been so focussed on personal glory.

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There will be killing till the score is paid. Aeneas fights his battles for others, for the future, and ultimately to create.

Parallel motivations in the iliad and the odyssey essay

Odysseus fights for himself, and the outcome is always destruction. Virgil uses this as a metaphor for the comparison between cultures.

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Rome is focussed on a greater purpose, and creates: There is a reason that figures become great in the history of a culture. These infamous heroes often embody the ideal of that culture, the values it most wishes to uphold and the image it wants to present.

He compares his hero Aeneas, father of Rome, to the Greek Odysseus, and every time — especially from the Roman perspective — Aeneas is the victor. Aeneas is the ideal Roman hero, and in many ways has also highly influenced our contemporary notions of a hero.The Iliad proves a great piece of literary art, holding to the oral tradition and fulfilling much of the conventions of epic.

Poignant too is the fact that the epic poem holds also to the characteristics of the device of parallelism, its books proving very similar in construction others, requiring similar attention, and initializing varying but.

This parallel between Hector's and Patroclus's appearances is the only significant reference in the Aeneid's Book II to Homer, who could not have influenced Virgil's description of Troy's fall for the simple reason that his Iliad ends with the funeral of Hector, before Troy is destroyed, while his Odyssey begins ten years after the war is over.

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The Gods in Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey Essay - The Gods in Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey The stories told in the Iliad and Odyssey are based on stories handed down over several generations, for they preserve (as we have seen) memories of an already quiet far distant past.

The Role of the Gods in Homer's Odyssey Essay Words | 8 Pages. The Role of the Gods in The Odyssey In the ancient world, the gods of the Greeks had been predominately confined to cosmological deeds prior to the works of Homer.

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