The ideal democracy in a government

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The ideal democracy in a government

There are several nations that have adopted democratic form of government. It indicates supreme power that is vested in the hands of the citizens. It is people who elect the leaders that will represent them.

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Democracy can de termed as orientation and political system by the people or for the people. The most famous form of government entails several advantages but is also tied to some drawbacks. Let us debate on the topic, Is Democracy an ideal form of government? Yes - Real power remains with people as they have the right to elect their representatives.

The ideal democracy in a government

The economic, social and political interests of individuals are best met under the democratic system. It classifies all the citizens of a nation or a state as equal and no discrimination is made on the basis of caste, sex, religion or property. The representatives are elected by people and therefore relatively a stable government is formed.

Individuals learn about their rights and duties starting from birth. People feel as an integral part of system.

It restrains several instances like powerful small minority exploits a disenfranchised, large majority. It takes time in law formulation and lots of money is spent during election. Some of the people are not even aware with political issues and therefore can elect wrong leaders.

Also, any wrong selection can lead to incompetent government. Also, decisions may suffer due to voter retaliation or intimidation. There are no reasons for dissent in an autocratic government and therefore no one can obstruct large infrastructure projects. The United States is the apparent example where millions of dollars are spent on elections and glitzy advertising campaigns.

Slobodan Milosevic left a legacy of overpeople dead in Bosnia and ethnically wiped out overAlbanians from their houses in Kosovo.

Is Democracy An Ideal Form Of Government?

Democracy can not be called as an ideal form of government. However, it is comparatively better than other forms of government. The role of government is not to govern people and this is what democracy is all about.

At least people have a chance to speak up their minds or elect their representatives, which is not feasible option in other forms of government.Democracy has often been called the ideal form of government.

Of all forms of government that have been utilized by human societies throughout history to organize and protect our kind, democracy is the only one that operates on consensus to create solutions to the problems society faces.

Nov 19,  · the basic ideas of a democracy are that each individual under the democracy has a say in how the government functions. when democracy . Democracy is best understood as ‘Government of the people, by the people and for the people’.

In practice, Democracy as it exists, falls short of expectation. There is great scope for further improvement of Democracy by putting in place the processes of Initiative and Referendum.

American Democracy From a distance, American Democracy seems to be the ideal style of government. In fact, most Americans would probably tell you they are lucky to live in America because of the style of government. Ideal and representative democracy.

In modern representative democracies, the features of ideal democracy, to the extent that they exist, are . Democracy has its three roles, to be the government of the people, by the people and for the people; • A valid government is an approved government that has the support of majority of the people through elections.

• Government’s authority has to be upon the people not from the elite personal and bureaucracy drive.