Thesis boulez

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Thesis boulez

Of the dead, nothing unless good. But you can take it too far, reinventing someone who was a power-hungry manipulator, by allowing no one to speak for him save his partisans, many of whom owe their careers to promoting him.

As the French say, on a ras le bol with Pierre Boulez, whose death in January has called forth such a spate of idolatrous prose that the sceptics among us have begun to wonder whether French culture is not after all as dead as its critics say it is, if this minor composer and intellectual impresario can be lauded as its greatest recent product.

Yet no one in the official channels of cultural appraisal has sown a seed of doubt. Boulez has three achievements to his name.

His dominating presence in French musical life is proof that, once the critics have been silenced, the self-appointed leader will be accepted at his own valuation. His disciples and acolytes have spoken abundantly of his charm, and it is clear that, once the period of initial belligerence was over, and his opponents had been despatched to the dust-heap of history, Boulez was a smiling and benevolent occupant of his self-made throne.

But did he rule from that throne over fertile territory, or was this sovereignty an expensive illusion? Requiem Pour Une Avant-Garde.

Boulez did, from time to time, produce music that passed that test. He had a fine ear, and no one can doubt that every note in every score was intensely thought about—but thought about, and thought about as sound.

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With time signatures changing almost every bar—a 2: The writers of this literature largely assume that Le marteau is a masterpiece and the turning point of post-war music because Boulez himself has said so—not in so many words, for he was far too modest for that, but because he pointed speechlessly to its evident perfection.

In a hard-hitting essay the American composer and musicologist Fred Lerdahl has told us what the fuss is all about. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about this episode: Boulez opts to change individual notes based on sound or harmony, choosing to abandon adherence to the structure dictated by strict serialism, making the detailed serial organization of the piece difficult for the listener to discern.

But it misses the real point. As Lerdahl argues, serialism construes music as an array of permutations. The musical ear looks for prolongations, sequences, and variations, not permutations, which are inherently hard to grasp.

Hence, music music of our classical tradition included presents events that grow organically from each other, over a repeated measure and according to recognizable harmonic sequences.

You can test this quite easily by comparing one of the many modernist masterpieces that Boulez condemned with a rival composition by the great man himself. From the beginning, in Le marteau, to the interminable instrumental twiddles of Pli selon pli, Boulez gives us music that has little or no propulsion from one moment to the next.

The fundamental musical experience—fundamental not just to our classical tradition but to all music that has been sung, played, and danced from the beginning of time—is that of virtual causality, whereby one moment seems to produce the next out of its own inner dynamic.

This is the primary experience on which all rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic invention depends, and it is absent—deliberately absent—from Boulez. It is to make an ontological observation: At once we are in another world, a world that we know, moving with the sounds we hear, and hearing them not merely as sounds, but as movements in a space mapped out in our own emotions.

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I have to use metaphors in order to describe this experience—for reasons that I make clear in The Aesthetics of Music. But they are metaphors that we all instinctively understand since they invoke the phenomenon of music itself. There is a reason for referring to Dutilleux, apart from the fact that it is the th anniversary of his birth.

For he was, in his own way, every bit as adventurous as Boulez, with the same desire to take music forward into the modern world, to build on past achievements, and to take inspiration from the great achievements of French music, painting, and poetry at the beginning of the modern period.

Of course, he was a true musician too."Boulez: Le Marteau sans maître", in booklet to Pierre Boulez, Le Marteau sans maître; Notations pour piano; Structures pour deux pianos, livre 2.

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CBS Masterworks CD MK (Reissued , Sony ) Jameux, Dominique. b. Boulez Thesis - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Thesis boulez

Boulez Piano Sonata No 2 Analysis. Walters, David () The aesthetics of Pierre Boulez. Doctoral thesis, Durham University. BOULEZ'S SONATINE AND THE GENESIS OF HIS TWELVE-TONE PRACTICE DISSERTATION Presented to the Graduate Council of the University of North Texas in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY By Sangtae Chang, B.M., M.M.

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