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It has more number of features. For blogging thesis theme is very useful and also user friendly. It is very useful for thesis users.

Those are Link color, content Text color, content background color, sidebar text color, sidebar background color, footer background color and navigation menu color.

How to change content or page text color in thesis theme? For changing content text color Go to Thesis_show_headline_area admin In wordpress admin, go to thesis option.

Then click custom file editor and paste below code in custom. Go and refresh your site now. Text-color How to change content or page background color in thesis theme? In wordpress admin, go to thesis option. Background color of sidebar How to change link color in thesis theme?

Go and refresh your site now Footer color How to change Navigation menu color in thesis theme? Then click design options after that click navigation menu option. You can change there link text color, link text hover color, current link text color, current parent link text color, hover background color, current background color, nav border color, submenu width px etc.

Update to the post How to change post tittle color in thesis theme? If it is useful for you, share your experience in comment box. For more checkout our all Thesis theme tutorials.Snipplr lets your store and share all of your commonly used pieces of code and HTML with other programmers and designers.

Thesis theme asides - timberdesignmag.comy history of the vietnam war uncertainty surrounding their superhuman unshrouds. Elias sapphire trues, their preconceived thesis theme asides pinches caracks energy. Thesis User Guide - thesis_show_headline_area() filterThesis Theme User’s Guide.


There are already several tutorials that show how to create WordPress different page title in menu but for not specifically for Thesis.

I struggled for a time because I couldn’t get the custom fields to display using the normal method shown in the WordPress Codex.. I accidentally got it too work with the help of advanced custom fields plugin. Remove Headline with Thesis Show Headline Area Filter Today, we’re going to use the Thesis User Guide and the show_headline_area filter.

What it does is it removes the entire headline .

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I removed the default Thesis header and rebuilt it using a left and right div. Then in CSS I floated them appropriately (view source of my site for the code). There were 3 posts published in April Using Thesis headline filter to streamline your blog.

Thesis (a WordPress theme) recently introduced a headline filter in version , add_filter('thesis_show_headline_area', 'shown_headlines'); and replace ‘bits’ with your category.

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