Travel writing articles london

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Travel writing articles london

Contact Author Some Initial Thoughts " If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house and eat with him From the Big Mac to the Prime Rib, and everything in-between, the satisfaction of our hunger is a worthy pursuit.

If you are interested in becoming a food writer, there are several distinct niches you might consider. Writing about food is writing about eating. Since we have all eaten, and we have all experienced the pure joy of a great meal, we all have a basic foundation from which to build our food genre platform.

Now to move to the next step, namely to write with some conviction and to write in a manner that will be interesting to readers. Consider these suggestions as you embark on your food writing career: Food should be sensual: What does a dish look like?

What does travel writing articles london smell like? What does it taste like and yes, what does it feel like? From your words you want your readers to smell the apple pie, to feel the fuzzy down of a peach, to see the vibrant colors of the spices, to hear the bite and to taste the sweet and sour.

Limit your use of adjectives.

Some Initial Thoughts

If your writing is strong enough you do not need words like delicious…what a silly word. Rather, you will use the English language the way it was meant to be used, describing without embellishing to the point of redundancy. Try some metaphors or similes.

They will do the work of adjectives and actually interest your readers at the same time. Again, words like delicious or tasty are boring, and boring is not what you are trying to convey in a food article. Go for something like satin-smooth or buttery if you must use an adjective.

Make the act of cooking an action movie. Tell them what happens while you are preparing it…. Slice, and the drama unfolds. Think of a bursting water pipe. Better yet, imagine a Brahman bull exploding from the gate of a rodeo. Maybe you will find one that appeals to you.

You could write about chicken recipes Source or beef recipes Source " So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being.

Show me a recipe told through the personal experiences of the chef and my interest is tweaked. Never underestimate the power of our personal memories. People relate to people, and many a writer has made a good living by telling of past moments in a way that we can all relate to. Of course, if you read my article about travel writing, you know a little secret about restaurant reviews: I know, I know, very shocking indeed!

Set yourself up as an expert and start small…. Once you have established your niche then branch out regionally. The trick is to find a new angle, a new hook, if you are going to follow this path. Think about it for a moment. Hundreds of thousands of writers write recipes and post them online.

travel writing articles london

How are you going to make yours interesting enough that others will look for your next recipe article? If presented correctly, food history is actually very interesting, but it is your job to make it interesting. Do you know the history of the hamburger? A hot topic these days is organic farming.

Start out small and do a series of articles on leading chefs in your city, and then move to regional, then national, etc.Planning for 6 Days in London. Before we share the day-to-day itinerary, here is some essential planning information on getting to London, getting around London, tips for saving money, how to find accommodation, and further resources for planning and making the most of your 6 days in London.

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