Why is it important to define the marketing problem appropriately

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Why is it important to define the marketing problem appropriately

Design thinking alone is not enough

Marketing Research Problem We have discussed the nature and scope of marketing research as well as examples of marketing research objectives. Marketing research problem is what guides the entire market research.

But how do you establish the market problem? In most cases, marketing problem has been established through observation or through experience. If you are not in the marketing chain but you have a keen eye on it, you can establish a problem which if fixed; the entire marketing process would be smooth and more effective.

This can be in a specific section or with reference to a specific commodity or general and applicable to any marketing drive. The marketing research problem is the first and most vital step in every marketing research.

After you have identified the marketing research problem, you can then institute the relevant requirements to have it studied and solved.

If you are not in the marketing chain, you can then present the idea to a marketing firm which you are certain may consider it.

If not, you can rely on try and error to see which marketer will buy into your idea. If possible, you might have to put it down into a proposal which you can then seek funding to have it solved. Depending on the criticality of the marketing research problem, you will get sponsorship soon and easily.

Refining Your Marketing Research Problem When you identify the problem, it might not be specific to the marketing field and if it is, it might need to be streamlined to fit into the marketing perspective.

This is why you need to streamline it. How do you do this? Well, you need to talk with those who are experts in marketing.

Defining a problem; identifying causes; gathering information

These include marketing specialist, field personnel who are experienced in data collection, marketing data analysts and such focus groups. Before you state the marketing research problem, you also need to observe and establish the effects of the problem in the entire marketing process.

Importance Of The Research Problem The marketing research problem guides the entire research process. It is important in determining the working hypothesis. With the hypothesis and the research problem, you are able to outline what is to be achieved after the research which is commonly referred to as the objectives in the research world.

The nature of the problem then determines the methodology which is suitable for effective collection of data. The data collected is then what is used to suggest the strategies to be adopted in solving the marketing research problem, but of course after data analysis.

The problem therefore dictates the entire research process. Who To Benefit From The Research The benefits after the marketing research problem is solved vary; this is in the direct sense.

Depending on the line of the problem, it can benefit the producers, the marketers, the distributors, the government or even the customers. This will however depend with the nature of the problem. Bur regardless of this, in the indirect terms, the benefits after the marketing research problem is solved will trickle down and benefit every player in the chain.

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Why is it important to define the marketing problem appropriately

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Why is it important to define the marketing problem appropriately

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How To Define Marketing Research Problem?