Writing a book with ibooks author runner

Using the right applications and writing tips, you can get more writing done with less frustration, and finish what you start. Read Moreafter you determine what your book will be about, you should develop an outline of the chapters and sections you intend to include. Read More because it allows for automatic numbering and switching around of items.

Writing a book with ibooks author runner

The software is aimed at textbook writers and publishers, but it can just as well be used for producing cookbooks, picture books, interactive fiction novels, how-to books, and the like. Feature Overview E-books designed with iBooks Author are basically geared to be read on the iPad platform using the recently updated iBooks 2 reader app.

Both programs share a similar interface, including text editor formatting tools and page layouts, and the familiar drop and add multimedia features.

writing a book with ibooks author runner

You can write a book from scratch, but you also can import existing Pages and Word documents. However, it did put extra spaces between the paragraphs. Because multimedia books produced in iBooks Author are primarily designed to be read and consumed on the iPad using the iBooks 2, by default you lay out books in landscape orientation, rather than the traditional portrait view.

In either view, the content remains the same, but the landscape view provides more interactive features. You can, for example, design your book so that readers can view a gallery of photos, or tap and watch an embedded video, or use various multi-touch gestures with say interactive maps and 3D objects.

Portrait view on the other hand, pushes photos and interactive media to the side and puts the focus on text, with a more Read-only format. As with traditional textbooks, iBooks Author enables you to create multiple-choice review questions that can be placed at the end of each chapter of your textbook.

Unfortunately Apple has not yet created an iBooks reader for the Mac. To view your book, you launch iBooks 2 on your connected iPad and then you click the iPad icon Preview button in the toolbar of iBooks Author. This preview gives you the opportunity to see how the layout and multimedia features of your book will appear and work.

The iBook 2 reader includes features specifically for iBook Author-designed books and textbooks. In this updated version, for instance, you can use the highlighter simply by pressing down and over selected text with your finger, without having to make two or three taps that are still required with regular e-books.

However, Apple still does not allow you to export and share highlighted text in iBooks, but you can e-mail your written notes. The updated features in iBooks 2 are good improvements, but its annotation tools for studying are still inadequate.


So when you review your bookmarks, all you get are the page numbers, which when reading and studying large textbooks is very inadequate for studying. Let us know what you think of these programs. What tools and features would you like to see added to them.

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